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  • Fisher Space Pen - Fisher/Parker Style Refills

    Fisher Space Pen - Check Guardian Blue Refill
    Fisher Space Pen - Check Guardian Blue Refill
    Item# SPRCG1
    Regular price: $6.00
    Sale price: $5.10

    Product Description

    • Refill Type: Ball Point
    • Ink Color & Point: Check Guardian Blue Medium
    • Type: Fisher

    Check Guardian ink prevents your writing from being washed off the paper. Cellu Lock ink forms a bond with the paper to keep your writing secure. This is great for check writing because it ensures that if someone were to try and misuse your check, they would be unsuccessful no matter what they use.
      Fisher Space Pens refill for nearly all of Fisher refillable pens. Use the included adapter to allow the refill to work in any pen that takes a standard Parker style refill.
        Fisher refills use pressurized technology that allows them to write anywhere you need to be. Whether it is the freezing cold, extreme heat, upside down, or over grease - these refills will alllow you to write everywhere.