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  • Fisher Space Pen - Cigar Punch Pen

    Cigar Punch Pen
    Cigar Punch Pen
    Item# fcp4
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    Product Description

    Cigar Punch Pen
    The Cigar Punch is manufactured from quality 303 Stainless Steel and will hold an edge for an extended period of use. Besides being handy for your cigars, it is the most dependable pen on earth and makes a great handle for your keys.

    To use: Separate the pen body from the key ring portion and apply the open end of the cap to the center of your cigar. Apply light pressure while rotating the cigar slowly until you are sure you’ve fully penetrated the cigar cap. Think of the Punch as slicing or gently sawing through the tobacco. Pushing too hard or holding the cigar with too much pressure can cause the cigar wrapper to unravel. When you've finished gently use the tip of the pen to remove the punched circle of tobacco. If the edge gets damaged or too dull, use the included stone to dress the edge by rotating the stone against the punch as if the stone were a cigar. Again, a light touch is all that is necessary.

    • Refill Type: Ball Point
    • Ink Color & Point: Black Medium
    • Type: Capped
    • Dimensions: 3 5/8" x .365"

    Pen comes boxed.

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